..Fingers Twitching and the *Trigger conscious* ?…

Before I start with my next post I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to read my blog post :).
Keep the feedback coming, it feeds me with energy and enthusiasiam to write MOAR! x]

– That feeling! Your fingers twitching for something…
just like our tummy moans for more, our compromises and quirkiness just for that <Little more. Just a bit more please>.
Our hearts thump for more.. more more more!
Ok, enough of the <more> 😛



– We sometimes just want to leave everything and go click something? (are you getting what I mean?… that moment when your fudgy wudgy doggy did something so epically cute?¡?…. and YOU MISSED IT *boo* )

– And when you see the moment and can’t capture it.. GAH !@#$%^& the vivid language that follows, the anger or the cloud of emotions that follow.. the regrets…….
…. maybe even run cold…
(ever felt all of that at once :O?)


I shot this scene on the road with multiple shots and got just one with the little girl staring at the happenings :D. (hover your mouse cursor over to see the whole image if you’re on a computer) 

So a few off hand tips or a few things which have helped me personally with these moments

  • Keep your camera on some kind of multiple shots mode… what I mean is keep it on a mode where the moment u keep your finger pressed on the shutter it’ll keep shooting (till you leave the shutter or till your camera buffer gets full or whatsoever). Most cameras have this mode or ‘feature’. Not only your big DSLR, even compact cameras have them also. Nowadays even phones have these modes (HTC One X, GSIII to name a few. If not they have virtually a zero lag shutter EG: the iPhone)
  • A simple note like CARRY YOUR CAMERA wherever you go :). I agree, we are all human, we all forget; our lives catch up. You’d be surprised what a BLESSING today’s phones are with regards to their cameras. Don’t be hesitant just SHOOT – CLICK – PRESS THE BUTTON!¡!!!
  • Don’t preview your moment forever, MOVE on and shoot some more. If you missed it, don’t sulk and look at your image. SHOOT some more! WHo knows?! You may just get another chance at it !
  • Keep all your camera setting done earlier before you intend on shooting. (this does not apply if you SUDDENLY want to shoot something in a fraction of a second. This would apply if you know or feel that, that MAGICAL moment will be coming soon so you can prepare yourself. Don’t be a BUTTON MONKEY (my personal term for all that fiddling and twitching all those setting while your magic has gone. *poof*!).

and lastly JUST SHOOT!!!

post some photos on your magic moments captured and share your thought in the comments below about your favourite ‘MAGIC MOMENT’

Cause when that URGE build…

– THATS when you can safely say you’re a *TRIGGER CONSCIOUS person* 😀



(I’ll upload some more MAGIC moments soon)


8 thoughts on “..Fingers Twitching and the *Trigger conscious* ?…

  1. button monkey eh? I pictured myself struggling with ma cam n cursing the lil life outta it 😀 aye..gotta consider ur suggestions..

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